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Why Labmedya ?

We want to summarize the first and only publication in your sector.

We would like to summarize to you the first and only publication in Turkey Laboratory sector.

LabMedya, as can be understood from its name, is a publication which has been serving as a media channel in laboratory sector for approximately 14 years and which is followed with a huge interest and curiosity. It has become a publication each issue of which is looked forward to as its contents cover completely independent, free and sectoral issues. It is published 6.000 issues every two months in glossy and each page being colored. Our publication is mailed to the name of the person directly by mail as a free of charges.

In addition, our publication can be read online and interactively through our web page and mobile application. Also soft copies are sent via e-mail to approximately 30.000 people in the sector which are in our mail bank.

To sum up, the number of people which we reach is over 40.000 in total.

LabMedya, which is also popular in social media is followed more and more every day. In our Facebook page, current news about sector, science, health and technology are posted nearly every day and attract huge attention.

Our vision is to become a publication which will attract attention of people, which will be read and each issue of which will be looked forward to in all terms. In this context, our content and design are prepared in a way to attract people’s attention and not to bore people. Our aim is to reach every laboratory and everybody related with laboratory sector in Turkey and Turkish Republics.

General Distribution Chart

Our target audience is laboratories, industry firms and individuals who work here. Labmedya is completely free and is sent to all cities in Turkey. These are mainly:

  • Universities with the relevant sections of the laboratory (chemistry, food, biology, environment, physics, Medicine and Pharmacy (histology, microbiology, biochemistry, pharmaceutical chemistry and etc. departments, deaneries, chief physicians, purchasing etc.), faculty members and laboratories
  • Public institute laboratories (Public health control, enviroment, reference and agliculture, food quailty laboratories)
  • Factories with quality control laboratories
  • Special referances laboratories
  • Sector Companies (Chemical, lab equipment, device vendors of medical companies etc.) and many other persons concerned ...

Sectorial Distribution Chart




Alternatives for Printed Media Advertising

Without compromising our printed publication is published every 2 months. Data is sent by mail to our constantly evolving. Return from investigating the revision is done individually. Below you can see the alternative advertising.






LabMedya sends mails on behalf of you. Whatever you wish, such as your own advertisement performance, design, product presentation etc are sent to our own data with your name and mail address. thus, the person receiving the mail assumes that the mail comes directly from you. When they want to reply, you receive the mail directly in your own inbox.

Posting amount changes depending on the time you require. They are sent approximately to 25.000-30.000 people.

After the post, a posting report like you see at the side is sent to you. In this report, you can see number of posts, number of people opening your mail and click through rate.

If you wish, the data you created are added on our post list and sent.  *Because of the new law, responsibility for these posts belongs to the advertiser. A contract is signed about it. If there is any complaint or responsibility for similar situation, the post will be done.



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